Stop and experience the Rain

This is sheer bliss! Take time to stop and enjoy life!


This video shares a child’s excitement and experiences in the rain. Smiling and amazed at each drop on her face. In this fast track society, and many pressing engagement adult forget the rain. The rain brings with it a refreshing, calming adventure that few adults experience in their life time. The question becomes have we discounted the small things that bring us joy? When is the last time you ran in the rain and laughed? Adults are concerned about getting a cold, hair wet and tracking water on their brand new rug if this is you raise your hand. Both my hands are up.

When I saw this video I felt like some adults have loss their passion for fun. Adults tend to worry, fret and complain. Where is the little child inside of us? This child trusting something she has never experienced not afraid but enjoying every moment. Sometimes…

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