The Best News I Heard All Week!

A beautiful story. So sweet!

Dogpaddling Through Life

Thanks to Sue Manning at the Associated Press, we learned this week of an amazing story of two blind cows, Sweety and Tricia.

farm sanctuary photo Sweety and Tricia meet for the first time (photo by Farm Sanctuary)

Sweety was rescued from a slaughterhouse in Canada by Refuge RR, a horse sanctuary in Ontario, and needed a new home. So Refuge staff put the word out.

Farm Sanctuary in New York currently cares for a blind cow, Tricia, who was also rescued from a slaughterhouse. Tricia lost her companion last year, and has been sad ever since.

So the folks at the two rescues decided they needed to be together.

nother cow pic The new BFFs (photo by Farm Sanctuary)

But it wasn’t so easy. There was lots of paperwork to be done to bring Sweety across the border. It took almost a month!

Eventually the big day arrived, and Sweety came to her new home…

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